Betty is quite simply the best health/fitness professional I have ever encountered. Not only is she extremely knowledgable in the human body and what exercises benefit what, she is very creative with the routines, and has invented all sorts of wonderful exercises and stretches. Every class is different which keeps it always interesting and challenging. Her unique approach of fusing traditional yoga with strength training and cardio exercises is really effective and enjoyable. The other thing that makes Betty stand out is that she really genuinely cares about everyone, tailoring exercises if you have a specific injury or weakness, and takes the time to give individual attention. She obviously loves what she does and it’s infectious. I can’t wait for the next class!
—– Tina Kaul (Hamburg, Germany)


I was drawn to Betty’s classes originally because they were in English. From my first contact Betty was friendly, professional and always available to answer all my questions.  After my first class, I loved it!! From the intensity of the workout, the patience, understanding and work-arounds given when our babies needed attention and the one on one approach to the students, as we were all at different stages after giving birth to our children. She instills a feeling of trust right from the get go, that she knows and is passionate about what she is teaching. I also like the fact that her teaching (at least for the class with babies) is bespoke, which is perfect as we are not all at the same post-natal stage of our recovery. I can highly recommend Betty’s classes and will be signing up until i return to work.
—– Monique Dalton (Hamburg, Germany)


I am very very happy to have joined the class, loved my first class, because I had never done yoga before so I was a little nervous or scared I could not do it, but I was able to and felt lots of muscles of my body working out that I didn’t know they existed. I like that you take the time to help each one out, everyone has different issues, weaknesses or strenghts and you give us the options to get the best out of our class. Also love that you are flexible in changing the type of class we want
—– Alejandra Canales (Hamburg, Germany)


I learn everything from a to z about yoga and the benefits. I like how there is always something new in class.
—– Marlane Wingo Nigbur (Hamburg, Germany)


it’s been a really positive and fun experience working alongside my baby and with other mums and bubs! I like that Betty’s yoga combines strength training so that I come out of class feeling like I not only stretched but also worked out. yoga cross-training is the perfect mix of stretching and breathing exercises alongside strength training, which works out your back & core, among many other muscles needed as a new mom to avoid injury from carrying a baby!
—– Marie Masson (Hamburg, Germany)


Yoga crosstraining with Betty is fantastic! The class delivers a great whole body workout and Betty pays great attention to the individual needs and level of each student, which gives you confidence to challenge yourself just that bit further. Apart from the training itself, Betty’s cheerfulness and friendliness makes it a very relaxed environment. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone!
—– Linda O’Flaherty (Hamburg, Germany)


Betty’s classes have been a great discovery! Classes are not only friendly and fun but extremely helpful and are the perfect mix between a workout and yoga stretching exercises. Betty knows so much about the human body and pays such attention to everyone’s specific needs and level that every class feels like a personal training session. It’s great to see the progress you are making after just a few classes, it really makes you wanna go back!
—– Magda Figueras (Hamburg, Germany)

I owe so much to Betty! I heard about her yoga classes when I had just moved to Hamburg from the UK with my 8 week-old son. I started going to the Tuesday morning class where you can bring your baby. It was fantastic; not only did I get back in shape at a pace that Betty made sure was right for me but I have made some really good friends! The class is 90 minutes and provides the most relaxed and informal environment I could’ve hoped for. If the babies need to be fed, changed or cuddled then no problem! Betty is on hand to help out and she makes sure that you leave the class feeling that you’ve had a good workout! The classes are small so that Betty can provide you with individual guidance. I’m so pleased that I found Betty! It’s the best yoga experience I’ve had and being able to do it with my son has been a real bonus!
—– Laura Evertsen (Hamburg, Germany)

Love these classes! And Betty is awesome — a talented teacher with a genuine passion for yoga/fitness instruction. She’s extremely attentive and she engages with each student individually during class… somehow managing to make group classes feel more like private sessions. (So don’t even try to hide in the back! 🙂 Betty is very meticulous about taking every student’s fitness level (and specific physical issues) into consideration, and will modify or intensify any given exercise on an individual basis. She also takes the time to explain the physiology at work in whatever we’re doing, which is terrific in helping to understand the logic behind the longer yoga sequences, and also how the strengthening exercises tie in with the traditional yoga poses. And…this is great…you can see that Betty truly cares about her students and their progress, because she tends to squeal with excitement whenever she notices our little breakthroughs… Oh, and we also laugh a lot, which is great for core strength!
—– Hilary Hultzen (Hamburg, Germany)