YCT and a habit-based nutrition plan is for people with busy lives (yes mums and carers too….who says we’re not overworked!) who want personal accountability, a practical approach to keeping fit and a coach to help keep them consistent and on track. Every person and their body are unique. This is why you are always in control of the session in terms of how you feel on the day and what you feel you can do. The goal is to acquire a better understanding of your body and mind – how the two are interconnected and influenced by individual environment. There is no “one size fits all” approach to this program.

“…You are only as young as your Spine is flexible” – Bob Harper.

A healthy Body and Mind is built upon and thrives on a delicate balance between 4 pillars Agility, Endurance, Flexibility and Strength. Every individual is naturally gifted with at least one of these attributes. The others are developed through practice.

Betty Anwar Yoga Cross-Training and Nutrition, Four pillars of YCT

Yoga Cross-Training is a well-rounded exercise program that is designed to meet varying goals and skills. It includes:

  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) style workouts to build Endurance and develop Agility,
  • Resistance – body weight/weighted, to build Strength, and
  • Active and Passive stretches to increase Flexibility

……..all in a normal Yoga session.

This system of training can boost your metabolism, build and tone muscle and is beneficial for those looking to lose weight, increase strength and flexibility without spending endless hours at the gym. The only fancy equipment you’ll need is a mat. All the workouts can be done anywhere – in comfort of your home, hotel room (if you travel a lot) or in an open space.

We will develop a workout program based on your schedule leaving you energised to enjoy the other things in life.

It’s a known fact that exercise without good nutrition and vice versa is pointless. As much as we might like to believe that our nutrition is excellent, if you’re not getting the results you want chances are your nutrition needs a closer look.

The nutrition approach I use is a habits-based approach wherein small changes to your diet are made and practised until they become ingrained into your daily routine. These small practices add up to deliver some pretty big results. There’s no fad diet, no magic 6 week weight loss plan that backfires the minute you stop….you’ll learn the proper way to nourish your body type, so say good bye to yo-yo dieting. This approach is all about making changes and sticking with them for life (and here’s the icing on the cake..pun intended  – you don’t have to give up your favourite foods and there is no meal plan to follow – let’s face it, it gets boring after a while and are you really going to eat the same meals for the rest of your life?).

At the moment this program is not for high level athletes (training for a sport), fitness/figure models and professional bodybuilders.

Unsure? Please don’t be shy, get in touch. It is important to me that you are fully informed and are comfortable working with me. What better way to hone in on your instincts than a face-to-face meeting; no strings attached, no hidden costs….just you and me and complete honesty!

Important: Yoga Cross-Training is suitable for all levels of exercise and yoga practitioners. However, please speak to your doctor before you start any form of exercise or diet.