About me

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I am Indian by origin, but life has blessed me with the opportunity to travel. I my childhood in the Middle East before I moved back to India to pursue my higher education.

The next half of my journey took me to Germany where I continued my studies and met my husband. It wasn’t long before we moved to England and my yoga journey began. Most people fall in love with yoga at the get go, but my love story with this magical art took some time to write itself.

I’ve always been interested in fitness and nutrition. I used to be your regular gym rat at my local fitness studio and I loved every minute of it! This routine continued into my first pregnancy in 2010 until a good friend convinced me to trial an Antenatal yoga class with her. It was definitely a sobering moment to know that all those years of gym training was no match for 5 rounds of sun salutes (let alone the rest of the class) – the strength and flexibility it demanded was something I’d never imagined. Once my daughter was born, I found it hard to make time for ANYTHING. I began working out at home and thought I’d add yoga in as a cool down/stretching session after my usual workout…..and that’s how it began.

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Fast forward a few years – the birth of my second daughter and a big move back to Germany meant I had lesser time to spare. I had to find something that combined strength/resistance, flexibility and cardio all in one and for it to be done in as short of time as possible. I began practicing with Ali Kamenova and Interval Yoga and this has paved the way for Yoga Cross-Training. Ali has been and continues to be my biggest inspiration.

I completed my nutrition certification from Precision Nutrition and travelled back to India to pursue my RYT 200 certification. My time in India was transformational. Every single one of my teachers and the students I had the opportunity to teach unearthed a passion and fire inside me that I never knew existed.

As my own journey continues, I’m excited to share that passion with you in hopes that it ignites the same spark within you.