A huge thank you to everyone who donated to KOK at today’s fund raising and otherwise. We raised 200 eu!!!!! whoop whoop!!

(A few pictures from the class in Stadtpark this morning. Lovely day and lovelier Yogis 🙂 )


Betty anwar Yoga cross-training and nutrition, KOK fund raising, Human trafficking

KOK fund raising – warming up

Betty anwar yoga cross-training and nutrition, KOK fund raising, human trafficking

KOK fund raising – standing flow

Betty anwar yoga cross-training and nutrition, KOK fund raising, human trafficking

KOK fund raising – cooling down


Please join me in supporting KOK, a German NGO, in their fight against human trafficking. As part of this fund raiser I would like to invite you to join me on the mat for a 90 minute gentle flow in the outdoors. All levels are welcome.
Yoga not your thing? No problem, just turn up and donate to show your support. Who says you can’t roll out your mat and lie back on it for the entire duration 😉

I have listed June 10 and 11 as the event dates, please let me know in the comments which date suits you best. The times will be 10- 11:30 am on both days.

Minimum donation is 10 euros.

We will meet on the Festwiese (across the road from the Planetarium) in Stadtpark, and hope it remains dry for at least 2 hours.

Below is a description of what KOK do. More information may be found on their website https://www.kok-gegen-menschenhandel.de/en/home/
“KOK is a German NGO network and coordination office against trafficking in human beings. The network is active against all bodies, organisations and legislation which exclude migrants from social, political and economic participation. It believes in equal rights and opportunities for all, including persons working in prostitution and other informal economies. KOK e.V. sees trafficking in women in terms of the migration process, which is triggered by the prevalence of worldwide poverty, global crises and conflicts, and rapid transitions in political and economic spheres. In order to support their families, women are becoming increasingly forced to leave their home countries in search of employment. Some of them become victims of structural, psychical and/or physical violence. One form of this violence against women is human trafficking.