If you’re anything like me you’ll understand what it’s like to have a sweet tooth and know that you absolutely MUST have a teensy weensy dose of the good stuff everyday! Life’s too short to go without the small things that make you happy. On the other hand, if you’ve crossed your twenties and reading this you’ll know better than to scoff at the saying “A moment on your lips, forever on your hips”. Now if you’re in your 20s, all I can say is….

Your time will run out……oh yes it will!

But see, here’s the fun bit about healthy eating. Nature has a ton of ueber sweet foods like berries, dates, bananas that you can use to satisfy all your sugar cravings.

This Berry Compote is so delicious, versatile and easy that even if you tried to mess up, you’d still end up with something you could dig into for dessert.

Here are some ways you put this recipe to use:

  1. Making ice lollies (my kids’ newest hobby)
  2. As topping on oatmeal/porridge
  3. On it’s own as pudding
  4. Maybe even spread on toast (I haven’t tried that option yet but do let me know if you do)

All you need is a blender/liquidiser and you’ve got your creamy dessert ready in a few seconds! It doesn’t get better than that 🙂















I eyeballed the quantities, like I said you can’t go wrong

Berries – fresh/frozen (If using frozen, let them thaw for a bit. You could also add water/a plant-based milk such as oat milk to ease the blending process)

Dates/Maple syrup

Optional addins – coconut, banana, chia/flax seeds, vanilla, cinnamon


Place berries and dates/maple syrup (and

any optional addins) in your blender/liquidiser and whizz away.