I was in a health store yesterday after coffee with my girlfriends and at the entrance were 2 plates of little bread squares – one with chocolate macadamia spread and the other with cashew spread. The former was divine but a bit too sweet for my taste (owing to the added sugars).

This morning, my daughter asked me for a sandwich as her post-gym snack. I couldn’t help but think of a chocolate spread, so off we headed to the kitchen to whip up this delectable spread.

It’s so easy, you could have your kids help out (or lick – ahem, I mean clean – up after). What’s better is that this can be tweaked to your taste. Want it sweeter, add more dates; like it chocolatier, add more carob; don’t have cashews/sunflower seeds to hand, use hazelnuts or peanuts. In short, the quantities don’t matter much.

Carob is naturally sweet – nature’s chocolate – so you don’t need to add sweetner like you would if using cocoa powder. I might try a version with cocoa powder to see if it’s any different, but I quite like taste of carob 🙂

20150930_120701 20150930_120815


  • Dates
  • Carob (powdered or pods) – I had pods
  • Cashews
  • Sunflower seeds


  • Soak the dates, cashews and sunflower seeds while you prep your carob.
  • If using carob pods, wash them well and boil for 20 minutes to get the seeds out. If you want it raw, grind them in your food processor and fish out the bits of hard seed. I did the latter.
  • Add the dates, cashews and seeds and a little bit of the water they soaked in to the carob and blend again. You might have to do this in batches.
  • Keep adding as much water as you need to attain the desired consistency.
  • Serve on bread or crackers.