Namaste and Welcome!

Yoga Cross-Training (YCT) and Nutrition is for anyone who wants to start their journey towards achieving health and happiness. There are no complicated plans……It’s all about you. Every individual is unique and deserves to be proud of their body and, the strength and power that lie within. This is an opportunity to become empowered and to be able to take ownership of your wellness.

My goal is to help people realise that physical activity and healthy eating is not another “chore”, but a way to care for themselves…..a means to put the life back in their years.

At YCT and Nutrition, it’s not just about flat abs and losing/gaining weight. We will work together to overcome challenges you’ve been/are facing. In a safe and supportive environment each individual becomes empowered to choose a plan that caters best to their lifestyle.  There’s no concept of failure….only moving forward. Like everything else, attaining good, long-term health takes time, practise, determination and commitment.

Yoga is a wonderful gift given to mankind to discover the real meaning of joy and peace. It is my passion and I am so excited to share it with you!

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