Hatha Yoga

Private Session

€ 70 for 60 minutes

Hatha yoga sessions cover Asana, Pranayama and Meditation (including Yoga Nidra).

 12 Weeks24 Weeks52 Weeks
2x /week€ 70 per session € 70 € 70
3x / week€ 68 € 65 € 63
4x /week€ 67 € 63 € 60

Group Session

A more economical alternative to private sessions. Minimum 2 and maximum 4 participants to allow for all practitioners to benefit from one-on-one training.

For a limited time only – € 120 for 90 minutes

 12 Weeks24 Weeks52 Weeks
2x /week€ 120 per session€ 120€ 120
3x /week€ 116€ 112€ 108
4x /week€ 114€ 108€ 102


Sessions are conducted in the privacy of your home or at an agreed upon location.


No charges within a 5 kilometre radius.

Cancellation policy

Sessions need to be cancelled within 24 hrs. If a shorter notice period is provided, the cancelled session will be counted as a used session.


Private and Hatha yoga session – pre-payment in full.

Group Hatha yoga session – payment at end of the session.


Private Sessions: YCT and Nutrition

Group Classes

Special Offers

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